The time is relentless. Especially when it comes to technology. What has been made a few years ago is obsolete and has now met it's doom. This being one of the reasons, I decided to recreate my website to give to the world a good account of myself.

I tried to reflect the design I like as much as possible in the final result. The website is light, I dare to use the nowadays ubiquitous word, minimalistic, it tries to give a sence of smoothness and naturalness. Even if there is not much of a content, it still puts everything important clearly upfront.

The design is enhanced by simple, undisturbing transitions and animations, which once again just give the last touches to the overall experience.

Intuitive, easy-to-use and not overwhelming design is what I believe in and what I always seek to deliver. Although, it is by far not easy to come up with clear and beautiful design in all cases, sometimes, when there is a lot of important data to be shown, the compromises have to be done for sure.

I hope I have managed to do so with this webpage, which is since now the hallmark of Vít Horáček.